Arcelia Barbero

Handmade Mirrors


Penitenciaría #469 int 7, Col. Centro
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
333 826 1234, 331 520 0685 cellphone


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Arcelia began working in what she calls karpastado mirrors in 1996, when she began picking up the broken and abandoned mirrors. Reusing the pieces, she began selling her work and people rallied with orders.

She completes the entire process herself — cuts the wood, reinvents the shape of the frame, and then uses a mixture invented seven years ago with a friend, French artist Pierre Ourly, that consists of a mixture of cardboard and paper mache paste — they named the technique karpastado.

Since Arcelia was a young girl, she was drawing pictures of landscapes and houses using dashes and dots.  After studying fine arts in Xalapa, she traveled to Ireland, the USA and finally France, with an animated film she produced that was nominated in two contests. The film revolved around play-dough sculptures representing the people of Veracruz Jarocho musicians. It took her two years of work to produce the five-minute film.  Arcelia returned to Mexico in 1992 with her French husband and their two daughters, to begin her work here.

She offers a great array of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs that generate thousands of possible combinations for all tastes - from classic to modern. Arcelia Barbero’s mirrors are original above all. She is a creator of a genuine Mexican art form. The originality of her work stands apart from others and her own technique of painting and constant search for new designs keeps that originality alive.


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